Session & Contact Info

Hi, I’m Skylar Rene, and I am here to show you what an incredibly beautiful, extremely powerful, highly skilled woman can do to you… And let’s be honest, that is why you are here too.  You’re looking at my picture and you know I am better than you.  You are intimidated just looking at me.  You might have THOUGHT you wanted something competitive, but you won’t get it, I have nothing to prove to you.  You WILL just give up now.  If I push you down and sit on your chest, you will let me.  If I turn around and sit my amazing ass on your face, you won’t fight it.  If I put your puny head between my amazing legs and crush it, you will take your punishment.  And if I tell you to kiss my beautiful feet and thank me for the privilege, you will do that too.  You’ve never experienced my power, but you will.  No matter what your particular desire, you will still know you’ve been dominated and beaten.  Or perhaps you want to take the easy way out, admit I am your superior from the start and simply worship my incredible legs & beautiful feet.  No matter what you are here for, you will never forget a session with me… Never.
In the Orange County and L.A. Area, I will be regularaly available for Double Sessions with Sydney Thunder.  We are also willing to travel upon request and if expenses are paid for.  Email either one of us to set up the perfect tag team double session!

Are you ready?  A couple rules you need to follow first.  We are not becoming pen pals and I get a great deal of emails, so please be concise and to the point in your message.
Do not ask for intricate details of “what I would do”… You’ll find that out when you book a session.
The point of you writing is to set up a session, if you are not ready or are just thinking about it, please wait until you are ready to write to me.
If you are genuine, sincere and respectful, I will be the best session experience you’ve ever had.
Now that we’ve got the rules out of the way…. I’m looking forward to hearing from you… and kicking your ass.